Dr Jeff Almon has transformed the way I think about movement and high performance. He understands my athletic goals and has helped me make significant improvements in my base strength, general biomechanics and specific movement patterns; he's basically taking me multiple steps closer to my Olympic dream. I call him my own personal Movement Yoda...

Tyrell Mara, Tokyo 2020 Olympic hopeful in Discus, ex-NCAA Basketball player

MVMTLAB offers so much more than a typical clinic. Their Ground Control class is a different approach to developing foundational strength. I decided to give it a try and found that my neck pain is virtully non-existent (it was a chronic issue before). I have found a relationship between my participation in GC and my performance in cycling & running! 

I'm very pleased to find an inspiring clinic of professionals who aim to give me control of my own physical strength. I would recommend this clinic and services to ANY EVERYDAY athlete. I believe that this is the foundation upon which you can truly develop your performance. 

Laura Ting, Avid Cyclist & Runner

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