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Build Your Base

To get to the top, you have to build your base.
Our Ground Control Functional Meditation protocol and the rest of the our Development Series classes help you recover faster and improve performance.

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Think Differently About Movement

Movement starts in the brain.
Pain is often wrongly blamed on structure.
Learn more about our Owner & Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Almon's approach.

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Located in a historic penthouse loft in the heart of Gastown, our clinic is spacious, welcoming, relaxing.

We specialize in Chiropractic, Pilates, Osteopathy, Massage, Nutrition, Wellness Coaching and Rehab/Prehab classes. 




We offer our unique Ground Control protocol: a Functional Meditation/ Injury Rehab / Prehab group class. 

We also offer Group Mat Pilates classes and One-on-One Personalized Equipment Pilates sessions.



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Own a local business? Looking to keep your employees healthy and injury free?

We would love to help you develop a customized health & wellness plan for your team. We can even travel to your location!

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World Class Expertise

Dr. Jeff's understanding of movement and body mechanics comes from years of working with the world's top athletes. His patients include many professional & Olympic level athletes, from various disciplines. Learn more about our Owner & Founder Dr. Jeff Almon.

A Unique Approach to Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr. Jeff Almon & Dr. Melissa Tancredi perform reactive stability testing & movement pattern analysis with each patient. From your first visit, you leave the clinic with tangible results & personalized rehab exercises. Their goal is to get you back to your activities quickly.

Movement Maps

Movement starts in the brain. Too often, a dysfunction is blamed on structure when in reality, the brain is causing pain perceptions and muscle inhibitions. Dr. Jeff Almon's knowledge of functional neurology & neuroplasticity is the key to his patients' quick recoveries.

Functional Movement Classes

Getting treatment from one of our practitioners is only one part of the solution. Looking for a complete Prehab/Rehab program? The MVMTLAB Development Series is for you - 5 classes designed to rebuild your base, accelerate recovery and improve performance.


Dr Jeff is a chiropractor in a class apart. He comes up with new solutions. His approach is very out-of-the-box, so different than any other chiro, physio or sport therapist I've ever worked with. Dr Jeff tries various things until it works; it's not because the problem or pain is in one spot that he necessarily treats that area. An issue over here links to this and that, and so he treats the entire movement and joint sequence. Part of his approach is to also treat the mind. He definitely was a huge part in helping me reach the last Olympics and this past World Cup, getting me to where I needed to be, both physically and mentally.

Karina Leblanc, 2x Olympian, Team Canada Women's Soccer

Dr Tancredi was very thorough in her assessment. She found and treated multiple problems which had been impeding my sports performance and causing pain. Very professional and exceptional treatment skills. I highly recommend her as a therapist.

Craig Boyd, Co-Owner and Master Trainer, Precision Athletics

Dr Almon has transformed the way I think about movement and high performance. He understands my athletic goals and has helped me make significant improvements in my base strength, general biomechanics and specific movement patterns; he's basically taking me multiple steps closer to my Olympic dream. I call him my own personal Movement Yoda...

Tyrell Mara, Tokyo 2020 Olympic hopeful in Discus, ex-Crossfit competitor, ex-NCAA Basketball player

Right away in the 1st appointment, Dr Jeff found that my glutes and abs were not firing properly, in addition to a bunch of other issues that he cleared up in the first two sessions. After only five sessions, he took what I thought was my best, and made it even better - I can't believe the muscles I'm now able to engage! I look forward to continuing to work with him as my body continues to heal itself so that I can gain more flexibility, strength and range of motion in all the movements that I need to do. I recommend him to anyone who wants to take their athletic performance to the next level!

Rebekah Mullen, Canadian Pole Fitness Champion 2016

Dr Jeff cares so much about fixing your pain, solving your puzzle. I love working with him. He has brought me more pain relief and results than any other chiro, RMT, physio, you name it that I've seen over the years [to recover from a major car crash]... I wish I had found him sooner!

Heather Aucoin, Dancer, Kickboxing Instructor & Competitive Olympic Weightlifter

For years I lived in pain from multiple injuries and medical issues, and I wasn’t doing much about it. Athlete friends would yell at me every time they saw me wince, and they finally insisted I got in touch with Dr Jeff Almon. The results speak for themselves. He's made me feel brand new, with hard work and a deeper understanding of my body. I'm to the point now that I’m almost pain free, full stop. I recommend Dr Jeff all day - literally - to anyone who will listen. 

Mark Brand, CEO Mark Branc Inc., Social Impact Entrepreneur & Professional Chef

Dr Melissa has helped me so much. I have seen her only twice so far, and she has made me feel 10 times better. I had terrible neck pain and frozen left side of my entire body. Right from the get go, she made me feel comfortable and helped me with tangible results. I am so grateful! Thank you so much.

Gaby N.

After dealing with chronic limiting knee pain for over 2 years and seeing multiple physios, chiros, physicians and RMTs, I was at the end of my rope.
I found MVMTLAB and their unique approach to rehab/prehab refreshing and exciting. Dr. Mel is the first practitioner who has taken the time to thoroughly assess me - Finally someone is really trying to find the cause of my pain. Just 3 treatments in and I’ve noticed significant improvements in my knee and other areas that I hadn’t even realised were out of whack!
Every member of the team at MVMTLAB is friendly and professional, creating a very comfortable environment.
I highly recommend Dr Mel & MVMTLAB!

Natalie Vollans, Sports & outdoors enthusiast, Aldergrove BC

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