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Our Sports Performance Clinic offers chiropractic services, group rehab & pilates classes, holistic nutrition, counselling and wellness coaching.


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Build Your Base

To get to the top, we have to build your base. The MVMTLAB Development Series helps you recover faster and increase performance.


Think Differently About Movement

Movement starts in the brain.
Pain is often wrongly blamed on structure.
Learn more about our Owner & Chiropractor Dr. Jeff Almon's approach.

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Health Services

Located in a beautiful historic penthouse loft in the heart of Gastown, our clinic is spacious, welcoming, relaxing.

We specialize in Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Counselling & Wellness Coaching. 



Group Classes

We offer Mat Pilates classes and our Ground Control rehab protocol - the first level of our Development Series program.



Local Partnerships

Own a local business? Looking to keep your employees healthy and injury free?

We would love to work with you to develop a customized health & wellness plan.

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World Class Expertise

Dr. Almon's understanding of movement and body mechanics comes from years of assessing, observing and treating the world's top athletes. His patients include many professional & Olympic level athletes, from various disciplines. Learn more about Dr. Almon.

A Unique Approach to Diagnosis & Treatment

Dr. Almon performs reactive stability testing & movement pattern analysis with each patient. From your first visit, you leave the clinic with tangible results & personalized rehab exercises. His goal is to get you back to your activities quickly.

Movement Maps

Movement starts in the brain. Too often, a dysfunction is blamed on structure when in reality, the brain is causing pain perceptions and muscle inhibitions. Dr. Almon's knowledge of functional neurology & neuroplasticity is the key to his patients' quick recoveries.

MVMTLAB Development Series

Each chiropractic visit includes prescribed rehab exercises to help you recover faster. Looking for a more complete Pre/Rehab program? The MVMTLAB Development Series is for you - 5 classes designed to rebuild your base, accelerate recovery, and improve performance.

Testimonials - Coming soon!

Mercedes Nicoll, Pro Snowboarder, 3x Olympian
Tyrell Mara, Crossfit competitor & Discus Olympic 2020 hopeful
Karina Leblanc, 2x Olympian, Team Canada Women's Soccer