Our Story

Dr Jeff Almon started MVMTLAB in summer 2013. His vision was to create a Sports Performance clinic for elite athletes and the general active population, where people would come to have injuries fixed once and for all, and most importantly learn about their bodies.

Anyone who has ever met Dr Jeff can easily agree; he has an unquestionable passion for helping, healing and teaching. His treatment methods are unique, and he wanted his treatment space to reflect this. When he found the amazing open-concept loft in the Gastown heritage work-live building at 55 water st.,  he knew he had found the right place to start MVMTLAB.

At first, it was only him, living out of the space, treating patients there one day per week, and the rest of the time treating patients at various clinics throughout the city. In December 2014, shortly after meeting his girlfriend Eve, he decided it was time to jump right in and commit to growing MVMTLAB as a full-time business. As of January 2015, he decided to turn MVMTLAB into his full-time work-live clinic. Dr Jeff’s loyal patients followed him and through word of mouth, the business grew throughout the year.

In November 2015, surprise!! Their son Roland was born. He can be seen in many of the @MVMT_LAB Instagram pictures, visiting everyone at least once a week during clinic hours… the little clinic mascot. Dr Jeff kept pushing ahead even during these crazy sleep-deprived times, juggling to keep the new business growing and spending time with his new family.

By early 2016, new practitioners were added to the team. Staying true to his vision of excellent holistic health, Dr Jeff looked for practitioners with strong athletic backgrounds and a passion for helping people through a holistic approach. With the already growing reputation of MVMTLAB and Dr Jeff’s involvement in the local Gastown & Vancouver community, it wasn’t long until people came knocking on our door wanting to work at MVMTLAB.

Tamsen Simon, our pilates instructor, was our first add-on in February 2016. She is a past Olympian for Canada in swimming, and an excellent technical clinician and pilates instructor. Next came our holistic nutritionist Laurence, who is an ex kickboxing instructor & competitor, and our wellness coach Eva Mateus, an ex national level gymnast with endless amounts of positive energy! By December 2016, we proudly announced that Dr Melissa Tancredi, a staple on Team Canada’s National Women’s Soccer team, was joining MVMTLAB as a chiropractor. This 3-time Olympian is, needless to say, an incredible athlete and her knowledge of injury rehab (especially as it relates to running sports) is beyond compare. Finally, in January 2017, Dr Jeff’s favorite Registered Massage Therapist Dana Smith accepted to join forces with us, and in March 2017 Adrian Wallace decided to also hop on board as our first manual osteopathic practitioner. With this amazing line up of practitioners, 2017 will without a doubt be MVMTLAB's most incredible year yet!

We shouldn’t forget to mention the person behind the scenes, making everything run smoothly. An important part of being able to grow the clinic so much since summer 2016 is having had Eve, Dr Jeff’s now fiancee, join the team herself as co-owner and clinic director. Eve’s strong business background and love of anything sales, business development, social media and people in general, has helped increase MVMTLAB’s online presence and community building efforts tenfolds, not to mention keeping Dr Jeff organized and productive… !

The little family business is growing fast, and we are excited to have the opportunity to work in the amazing city that is Vancouver.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon at the clinic. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or even suggestions as to how you’d like to see MVMTLAB grow next.


Dr Jeff & the MVMTLAB team