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The MVMTLAB Neurological Reprogramming Classes

Getting treatment from one of our practitioners is only one part of the solution. Looking for a complete recovery program, to increase performance and to prevent injury? Our neurological reprogramming classes are for you. Your first class is free!

Based on the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability and Neuroplasticity, Dr Jeff Almon developed these exercise protocols to reprogram the brain & body with the basics of functional movement. It increases a patient's recovery speed, and ultimately elevates an athletes performance levels to same or better than prior to an injury.



Ground Control: Injury recovery, prevention & functional meditation

Whole Body protocol. Recommended for all patients and competitive athletes. Learn more about Ground Control on our blog.
Injured or not, whatever your sport -  Ground Control benefits everyone! 

Tue /Th / Fri at 7:30am 
M / W at 12pm

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BAZOOKA: The Shoulder protocol

This shoulder specific reprogramming protocol runs monthly - Email us at BAZOOKA@mvmtlab.com to get into the next roster!

Bazooka is an intensive, 4-weeks long shoulder restorative protocol.
The program includes daily homework email & videos, plus optional Thursday 8pm meet-ups at MVMTLAB. You only need to commit to 20min of daily practice for a month!


Pricing :

Ground Control
$18 per drop-in
$150 for 10 classes
$90 unlimited monthly 

$90 for the 1-month program