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The MVMTLAB Development Series

Based on the principles of Dynamic Neuromuscular Stability and Neuroplasticity, Dr Jeff Almon developped this 5-class series of Prehab & Rehab protocol to re-program your brain & body with the basics of functional movement.

It increases a patient's recovery speed and ultimately elevates an athletes performance levels to same or better than prior to an injury.



1- Ground Control: Functional meditation, injury rehab & prehab 

Whole Body protocol.
Recommended for all patients and competitive athletes, injured or not!
Learn more about Ground Control on our blog.

Tue /Th / Fri at 7:30am 
M / W at 12pm
Th at 6pm

2- Bazooka 

Shoulder specific protocol (rehab & prehab)

Th at 6pm (same time as Ground Control)

3- AERA (competitive athletes only): On demand
4- Framing (competitive athletes only): On demand
5- Speed (competitive athletes only): On demand


Pricing is $18 per drop-in, $150 for a 10class-card, or $90 unlimited monthly.



Reformer Pilates

Tamsen is available for highly personalized, one-on-one Rehab Pilates treatment sessions on Reformer Cadillac equipment. This is ideal for people who want to prevent injuries by building a strong core, to balance the body musculature, and even control chronic pain.

Contact Tamsen to know more and see if this is a right fit for you T@mvmtlab.com , or book online here:




Mat Pilates classes

Led by past Olympic swimmer Tamsen Simon, taking place in our Gastown clinic space, 3 times per week. 

Friday 1pm class : 45mins , All-level inclusive.

Friday 5:30pm & Saturday 10am : 60mins , Intermediate and Advanced level exercises. Beginners are also welcome as Tamsen makes sure everyone gets the appropriate full-body training according to their experience level.

See the weekly schedule, class descriptions and book online here:  BOOK A MAT PILATES CLASS





We've launched our YouTube channel!

Visit our channel to view our Intro video, where Dr Almon explains his treatment philosophy and gives you a tour of the clinic.

MVMTLAB YouTube Channel

Soon, our patients will be able to follow along our recommended Ground Control exercises from the comfort of their home.