Our Services

Sports Performance Clinic
located in Gastown, Vancouver BC

We are the Movement Experts.

We cater to professional and recreational athletes, as well as the general active population. Our team of practitioners is ready to help with any neuro-musculo-skeletal or nutritional concern.

We encourage patients to come see us for any type of issues, whether it be an acute injury, chronic pain, performance optimization through pre-hab, performance coaching or nutritional advice. 

MVMTLAB's owner & founder, Dr Jeff Almon, offers innovative treatments based on reactive stability testing and thorough movement pattern analysis. Each of our manual practitioners has been trained by Dr Almon in his highly effective diagnosis and manual therapy treatment methods.

Here are the services we offer in our unique, beautiful, historic Gastown loft space:

Physiotherapy - Shockwave, Dry Needling & Pelvic Floor 

Registered Massage Therapy
Nutritional & Fitness Coaching
Neurological Reprogramming Group Classes

To see the detailed description & pricing of each service , and to book your appointment online, visit MVMTLAB.janeapp.com 

Note that we do not participate in ICBC chiropractic treatment programs. 


Neurological Reprogramming Group Classes

  • Our flagship injury prevention, recovery & functional meditation protocol is called Ground Control. This group class takes place 6 times a week at MVMTLAB. It was developed by our owner Dr Jeff Almon and is based on the principles of DNS & neuroplasticity to reprogram the brain's movement maps to pre-injury state. Ground Control is recommended for everyone; it complements a patient's treatment program and accelerates recovery. It is also highly effective as an injury prevention protocol. 
  • BAZOOKA is our Shoulder-specific protocol. It runs for a month, every month;  consists of daily homework emails & guidance videos, plus optional weekly group meet-ups at the clinic. Email us at Bazooka@mvmtlab.com to inquire about the program or to get into the next roster!

Corporate Partnerships & our Mobile Clinic

MVMTLAB loves working with local businesses in the Vancouver/Gastown community, to keep everyone healthy and pain free. We currently offer corporate partnership programs at I Love Kickboxing, Kitchen Table, Hockey Factory, Crossfit604 and Tantra Fitness, just to name a few.

We are always looking for more ways to spread our knowledge and experience, and are looking forward to working with local health-based businesses in the Gastown/Vancouver/Burnaby area.

We can also bring our practitioners and services to your location/office! Contact us at hello@mvmtlab.com for more information.



Dr Almon is available to teach private or group seminars about his unique movement-pattern-based approach to injury diagnostic and treatment, which can be useful for personal trainers and various types of sports instructors.

Contact us at hello@mvmtlab.com for more information.



Note that we only accept cash & credit cards.