By Eva Mateus, Wellness Coach


What choices are you making each day? Are there any repetitions? Could there be some choices you make that you may not be aware of?

Our lives are made up of continuous choices, where not even making a choice is a choice. It is so important to check in with yourself throughout the day and ask what your intentions are.

What is your why? Knowing your why gives you a sense of control and purpose. Many of us walk through life looking for a purpose… looking for the point of it all, yet we are unaware of our own reasons for the tasks we do throughout the day. How can we be present enough to see the bigger picture without knowing our intention?

Know your whys and be aware of your steps you take throughout the day. Those steps have purpose and reason, and it is your choice in which direction you take. Know your intention and change your “I have to’s” into “I choose to”. If there are things in your life that aren’t working, then choose not to be a victim of your own choices. Look at what is possible and brainstorm the steps you can make towards a new direction or perhaps a new perspective.

A helpful way to look at something that may feel heavy is to consider it as not a problem… but an opportunity. This opportunity allows you to reassess what is working and what is not working, then making the appropriate decisions that allow you to live in a way that you can thrive. This is also how we can recognize boundaries that come up (I will discuss boundaries as its own topic at another time).   

Choices aren’t just expressed by the actions we take but also by what thoughts we choose to invest in. So who is the boss of these thoughts and choices really? You are!

What are some things that came to mind while reading this? Don’t just file them away… Look at them. Write them down and see what’s possible. Who knows how much time we have left… let’s make the best of it!

Want to investigate your choices and see what’s possible?

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